Sobi Green Villa

106 Jaffna Road Manipay
Sri Lanka


About Sobi Green Villa

Manipay  (Tamil: மானிப்பாய்) is an affluent town in the northern Jaffna District of Sri Lanka.

Sobi Green Villa Inn is situated in the heart of Manipay to the close proximity to the historic Green Memorial Hospital and with easy access to both Manipay town and Jaffna City in two minutes and 30 minutes respectively.

CACM Church and Maruthadi Pillaiyar Hindu Temple are located within walking distance.  There are plenty of local shops, restaurants. market and Cargills Food City, just alongside of the main road and regular bus services also available to the Jaffna city every 10 minutes.

Sobi Green Villa Inn is a perfect home away from home for worshipers, visitors, business travellers to experience the true hospitality of  Jaffna.

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